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Monday, 22 October 2012 06:56


As we hit the end of our season, I want to thank all of you for hanging in there with us through a challenging year.  I thought it would be a great insight to our program if I shared our pre-game speech from Friday night with you.  This information summarizes what our season was about, and our kids played their hearts out against Forest Hills Central.  Our banquet is on Nov 20 in the high school auditorium.  Please be on the lookout for more information.



Pre-Game Speech for FHC – Game 9 – 2012 Season

Everyday in your life – you get better or you get worse. You NEVER stay the same.”

Today is a game day – a day we use as a measuring stick. A day to compare. We started the season with a victory, and then lost that victory because of a mistake. We started the season with a win unlike any we've had in the five years I have been here. We fought hard, battled through challenging circumstances and found a way to win. We WON that game – the victory came because of what we made happen.

Every day in your life, you will have to make the choice to get better or to get worse. Some days are tough. Sometime things just don't go the way you wanted or hoped. You will face challenges in your life. Some will be incredibly demanding – and it will be tough to see your way out of them. What you have to do in all cases – is continue fighting.

This season has been a great challenge. Where many would look at our season and say that it is not successful, I would counter and argue. There are several examples of our success. First and foremost – we've hung together, fought together and remained as a team. I have not seen us come apart at the seams. I have not seen us bicker, quarrel or blame each other. Instead, we've remained as one through this challenge. Through all the attacks that come from the outside, this group hung together, took the high road and continued to fight.

We never know what life will deal to us. As we look at our own great role-model and example of mental toughness, positivity and one of the great fighters I know, Coach Kerbel has given us a path to follow no matter how great the challenge. It is these things that you learn that define you as a man.

I always tell guys that get into trouble to be “defined by how you respond, don't be defined by what you did.” This team is simply too big to be defined by the losses we've encountered. We are defined by the response we give. Not only have we come out each week and worked tirelessly to get better at everything we do – but we are complimented on a weekly basis for the fight we have on the game-field.

You see, where most people would have quit and moved on, you stuck with it. You fought. You will be defined by the fact that in the greatest of odds, you refused to give up. You refused to quit. You refused to complain. You made an intentional decision that you would be the best you can be.

Tonight is a measuring stick night. Take every play and use the best technique, play as hard as you can and finish what you start. If you can take that approach on every play, you will certainly play the best you have all season. We have not shown our best since game one. Tonight is the night that we must turn it on, all the way up, and give everything we have on every down. Do that – and you will be the best you can be. Do that, and we have a great opportunity on this field tonight. Do that – and you've chosen to use today to get better. I am proud of you in every way. Cut it loose tonight, play as hard and as fast as you can. Own the turf tonight. Fight for your team, for you program, for you school and your family. Most importantly – fight for your teammates tonight.


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